C is turning 3! For his birthday he requested blueberry cupcakes. I doubled this recipe to make 30.

blueberry cupcakes

One significant difference: I pureed the blueberries after roasting and cooling. But I still added them after mixing in the flour as indicated in the recipe. I think this made the cupcakes too tough, and next time (if there is one, with this or another berry) I will add the berries with the liquid ingredients to prevent over-mixing the flour. Though the denseness could have been from the batter sitting around waiting for batch 2 and 2.5.

I also used the cream cheese frosting recommended in the cupcake recipe. Used salted butter, omitted the vanilla and added juice and zest of one lemon. I used way less sugar, maybe only a cup or 1.5 cups, until it was as sweet as I wanted it to be. This makes the frosting a little looser, but I just stored the cupcakes in the fridge until party time.

blueberry cupcake

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