Good Buns

So as I’ve mentioned before, we’re on a budget these days and one of the things I’m trying not to buy is bread. (Sorry to mention the budget so much but I think talking about it helps us stay on budget.)

hamburger and hotdog buns

I’ve gone through a few hamburger/hotdog buns at this point and this one seems like the winner. (I think the picture above is not actually this recipe, but hey…)

Soft but not squishy, slightly sweet, slightly buttery, still good the next day. As Deb says, this is it.

I did screw up one thing and mixed two eggs in the dough, instead of reserving one egg to brush on before baking. I think it made the dough stickier but probably just served to make it softer and more delicious. However, next time I’ll try it to the letter.

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