Lentil and chickpea salad

We’ve been working to stay on a stricter budget, including groceries. It was close to the end of the month when I made this lentil and chickpea salad.


I did not use preserved lemon, cilantro/parsley or feta, as we didn’t have it in the kitchen. I used bleu cheese which kind of melted into the dish making it a bit creamy, reminiscent of the lentil and yogurt salad I’ve made before. Since our CSA keeps giving us basil, despite there being few known uses for the herb, I put a handful of torn basil in this salad instead of the fresh herbs called for in the recipe (also making it similar to the lentil and yogurt salad).

Oh and also, I threw some bacon crumbs on top and served with a soft boiled egg.

It is a time-consuming, multi-layered dish. Good but maybe not worth the work, at least as I made it. I prefer (and have made again and again) the lentils and yogurt.

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